MAN, In the Beginning


Because God is also perfect LOVE, he created mankind, ADAM and EVE, so that they could have fellowship with, and be friends with God himself. When God created them, they were perfect and without sin, as indicated by their white dots. 因为神也是完全的,他创造了人类,就是亚当和夏娃,使他们能够与他相交,和他自己作朋友。 正如那些白点指出,当神创造他们的时候,他们是完美和无罪的。
God COULD have created Adam and Eve so that they were robots, automatically doing exactly what God wanted them to do. Instead, God created them with the power and the responsibility to choose, even though He knew what the results would be. 神本来可以将亚当和夏娃造成机械人一样,完全自动按照神要他们做的去做,但却不然, 神造他们是附予权力和责任去作选择,虽然神知道后果将会是怎样。