What About Me?


Just think! God wants to give you freedom from your sin! He offers this possibility to each individual who has lived throughout history! God offers you freedom from eternal punishment that we deserve because of our sin. God offers you eternal life with Him in Heaven. This GIFT is called "SALVATION" and is freely available to all the people in the world! Perhaps this moment is your time to consider receiving this gift for yourself! 就想一想!神要给你从罪中获得自由!他把这机会赐给有历史以来的每一个人! 我们原本因为我们的罪而应该受到永远的惩罚,神却要给你自由。他要赐给你永生,使你与他同在天堂。这份 礼物 叫「救恩」,是白白赐给全世界所有人的!或许这个时刻就是你考虑为自己接受这份礼物的时候!
Here is what you need to do to receive this GIFT... 以下是你要接受这份礼物所需做的...
  1. Recognize that I am a SINNER, separated from God. I deserve the penalty of eternal death.
  2. Believe that Jesus PAID THAT PENALTY for me when He died on the cross.
  3. Ask Jesus to FORGIVE MY SIN (black dot is now covered with white dot) and to COME INTO MY LIFE with His Love and His Life, as shown by small red heart.
  1. 承认我是一个罪人,与神隔离了。我应当得到永死为刑罚。
  2. 相信耶稣在十字架上受死,就为我担当了那刑罚
  3. 请求耶稣赦免我的罪(黑点现在被白点遮盖),又把他的爱和他的生命带进到我的生命里(正如小红心所表明的)。
Do you choose to take the road that leads to God's love and blessing? Then read carefully: 你愿意选择这条通往神的爱和祝福的道路吗?哪麽留心读∶
  • John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. (KJV)
  • 约翰福音14:6 「耶稣说,我就是道路,真理,生命。若不藉着我,没有人能到父那里去。」
If you are in agreement with the above, you may choose to pray to God, acknowledging that you are accepting the gift He offers: 如果你同意上面说的,你可以选择向神祈祷,承认你要接受他所赐的礼物∶

"Yes, Lord, I believe that I am a SINNER.
"Yes, Lord, I believe that Jesus died on the cross to PAY THE PENALTY for my sin.
"Yes, Lord, please FORGIVE MY SIN and COME INTO MY LIFE with your Love and Your Life forever."
I THANK and praise you for all you have done for me!"
"Help me live my life in OBEDIENCE and service to you."


If this is the prayer you offer to God, then He promises that you will be BORN AGAIN into his eternal family. 如果这是你向神的祷告,神应许你就会重生进入他永远的家。