In the Beginning, GOD

God is someone we cannot see, but we can learn about him because the Bible, which is God's book, tells us everything we need to know about God! The Bible tells us

and that He IS the ONE and only GOD whom we should worship!

However, the Bible also tells us that the ONE GOD is made up of three persons: the Father, the Son whose name is Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

The yellow crown reminds us that God is the ultimate RULER, king and creator of all the universe. Because he is King, he has the right to make the rules and to expect man to obey.

God is also perfectly HOLY and totally incapable of doing anything wrong. Sometimes we use the word, "righteous", which means that he is perfectly right...Always.

The black gavel is the symbol of judgement and the white scales show us that when God JUDGES he will be perfectly fair and just, because he will judge based on perfect and complete knowledge of the rules he has made, and perfect knowledge of everything that has happened.

The Bible repeatedly claims to be total TRUTH, which history has affirmed in every case.

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Copyright1992, 1995 Marie Achgill