A Barrier Between GOD and MAN

The WHITE ARROW, pointing at God's Righteousness indicates a right choice. The BLACK ARROW indicates a wrong choice, usually referred to as SIN.

God had only given Adam and Eve one rule or one choice that they had to obey, or pay the penalty of death. Although they were able to make lots of other choices, like what to name the animals, God said that if they ate of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, they would die. When the day came that they chose to disobey God, they sinned. In that moment they realized that they were now separated from God.

Before they sinned, they were friends with God. Now that they had sinned, the consequence or penalty was death. God offered a temporary solution at the time by instituting a blood sacrifice in the death of animals (whose skins then provided a "covering" for Adam and Eve.)

Man's sin created a wall of separation or BARRIER between sinful man and holy God. The solution to this separation would be revealed when Jesus, the sinless Son of God and also human son of Mary, would die on the cross to pay the penalty of sin for all mankind.

Copyright1992, 1995 Marie Achgill